Welcome on the Web site of " LA PORTE DES FAGNES " .......................... one of the greatest and most beautiful tournament of football of the province of Liege .......................... with more than one hundred of different teams of which some made a very long way to come to take part in this tournament!!

The tournament proceeds in three days.

At the time of the editions the preceding one, more than 1000 players took part in more than 200 matches.

The activities are primarily sporting, but we add a more convivial aspect, this by meals and evenings of relaxation.

Our area also makes it possible to do a little tourism.

Friday (teams from abroad) :
Arrival at 19h00
Reception players and commitee members
Supper for children
Check in at lodging

Saturday :
Tournament start at 9h30 and stop at 17h30 (classification games)
Supper for children

Sunday :
Tournament start at 9h30 and stop at 17h00 (classement games)
Prize Ceremony immediately after each finale

During the weekend : small permanent restoration